He got to be a ball kid!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We have a nice tennis facility not far from where we live that hosts USTA Pro Circuit tournaments for both men and women.  Caleb has played there a few times and will actually be participating in their intensive junior competitive program this summer, which he's really excited about.  Anyway, the mom of his buddy Scott (who trains there) was able to get him in on the ball kid action during a recent tournament.  (You will notice that I have taken the liberty of blurring out all of the tournament sponsors in order to avoid disclosing our location.  I apologize if it's over the top or annoying.)
He got to participate as a ball kid during one of the doubles matches.
He was so cute out there.  I was so proud of him.
He had such a great time at the tournament.  If he wasn't being a ball kid, he was watching or playing.  Madeline and Havi really did well this particular day too, considering Havi didn't have a nap, and the girls don't have the same stamina that Caleb does for live tennis. lol

Well, yesterday we were rained on all day, which meant that Caleb's own tennis matches were postponed until today.  So this mama will be enjoying some more tennis today (along with Havi.)  I hope your weekend hasn't been so rain soaked as ours has been!


Anonymous 5/04/2014  

wow - a ball kid!! I'll bet he loved that!!!
Looking forward to seeing him play this month and sending lots of love....

Cheri 5/04/2014  

How exciting for Caleb! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I never realized how strong those players are!? That one picture shows the lady's muscles. Amazing! Maybe I should take up tennis....

Deb 5/04/2014  

Loved seeing him as a ball boy!! He looks like he had a fantastic time. Fortunately for us, our weekend ended on a gorgeous day.

lisacng @ expandng.com 5/05/2014  

What an awesome experience. I bet watching tennis from the court is a memory never to be forgotten. And I didn't even notice you blocked them out, you did a good job :).

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