Happy Birthday to Us!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Well, it's that time of year.  It's the day when I have the privilege of celebrating my birthday with my amazing partner-in-crime twin sister.  For this year's birthday post, I thought I'd share a few photos of us through the years.  It just so happens that I am on the right (or top) in all of these images.  So that makes it easy to distinguish who is who.

9 months old
6 years old
13 years old
8 years ago at our childhood home
Last year
It's hard to imagine that we are turning 29 years old this year.  Oh wait, I forgot to add another ten.  Sorry.  Gotta brush up on my math skills.  Anyway, the plan for today is to play a little on the river with my little dumplings and hubby, like we did a few years ago.  Then tomorrow Caleb has a tennis tournament in my sister's neck of the woods.  So we will follow up the tournament with a birthday dinner celebration together.  I can't wait to give my sister her gift this year.  I know more than one person who will also be happy about her being its recipient.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Debbiecakes!!!!!
I love you something fierce, girl!!!


Deb 5/09/2014  

So you did it girl! You out did me. I love taking a stroll down memory lane. Awesome pics. I have the one of the two of us that was in bubbi's room. Dare I post it?!ha! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. And I am racking my brain trying to figure out my gift. If you peek at my blog tomorrow, you'll get a glimpse of your mother's day card. I can't help but share it since I won't see you Sunday. Love ya girl!!!!

Anonymous 5/09/2014  

Happy Birthday to the twins!

Cheri 5/10/2014  

Happy ten year anniversary of your 29th birthdays! Enjoy being with each other. You look so much alike, yet I can tell the difference. I like that in twins. Have fun with tennis!

lisacng @ expandng.com 5/12/2014  

Happy 29 :). You two can split the extra 10 :). How coincidental (or not) you are always on the right or top. Who's older? By how many minutes :).

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