A little sand, sun, and tennis

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Round 2 with Miss Peggy brought more of the same as the weekend prior- beach fun galore and more tennis.  Yep, it was almost like Groundhog Day.  We arrived Thursday evening, and the first thing Madeline did was ride her bike.  And Havi wasn't too far behind her, though her interest waned a bit faster.
Patrick cooked the first meal in the kitchen- cheese blintzes for me.  Yummy!
The next morning, the dumplings watched a little Jesus DVD we brought with us while we all enjoyed some delicious crumb cake I baked prior to camping.  It's most definitely a hit with everyone, and next time I bring it camping, I will double the recipe. lol
Patrick took Friday off so that we could spend the day before our anniversary together as a family.  Isn't he awesome?  So, yes, we did celebrate that special time for a couple with our family and friends.  And we didn't mind a bit.  He loves hanging out with his buddy Shail, and this whole camping thing wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for him.  He's already converted our 30amp trailer to 50 amp for us!  And he helped us outfit the truck (aka towing vehicle) with everything that it needs to tow well for us.
After lounging around a bit and eating an early lunch, we decided to hit the beach.
The kids all ran down to the water.  And while they were doing so, I was hoping that the flock of seagulls was going to take flight so I could capture the movie-like moment....but nope.
The waves were not as good for boogie boarding, but they still gave it a go.
And that expression on Havi in the photo above?  Well, she's actually ecstatic, not upset.  She loves to get splashed in the face by the waves and tossed around a bit.  Adventurous, she is.
After a teeny bit of down time and some more eating, it was time to head to tennis.
Madeline has made friends with the siblings of a few of the kids Caleb plays with/against.  He only played doubles Friday night and played very well!  
I just love that ready shot of him.  He's so precious out there on the court.
I couldn't resist capturing a few sunflare shots when he was serving.
And that accessory you see around Havi's chest?  Well, that's a bug repellent bracelet.  She liked to remove it from her wrist and ankle, but she eventually forgot that she had this one on her chest.  They really do stink of citronella.  So that's a good thing, unless you forget to remove it from your child at bedtime because they fell asleep on the way home and you wonder why they still smell of citronella.

I have a few more photos from the rest of the weekend that I will share in a separate post because this one is long enough already.  I hope ya'll are having a fabulous weekend.  No camping for us this weekend, but we do have more tennis!  What a surprise. lol


June K 10/19/2013  

Such fun. TFS the photos.

Deb 10/19/2013  

Love these photos, sis! Especially of Caleb in his ready stance. Brings back high school memories! Love to you all!

Jancy Peter 10/22/2013  

Happy Anniversary to you!

Skeller 10/25/2013  

These are such heart-happy pictures. "Vacationing" with littles can be such a double-edged sword - both a blessing and a whole bunch of tricky juggling/organizing and schedules/routines being thrown off kilter. But so worth it. I think Miss Peggy will serve your family quite well :-). And yay for Caleb's tennis games being scheduled during the beautiful golden-glow hour ;-)!

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