Day 2 with Miss Peggy

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 2 of our inaugural camping trip with Miss Peggy found us relaxing in the morning.  
The kids can't wait to head outside and ride their bikes or tricycles first thing.
 We had decided to spend part of the morning fishing.  
The kids had to check out the bait.
 Then it was time to head down to the water.  
These rocks are dangerous and must be navigated slowly.  
As such I opted to leave my Nikon up at the top and just took my phone down to the water to capture the moment.
Unfortunately we didn't catch anything, unless seaweed and rocks count.  
We did see turtles and jellyfish.  So all was not lost.

We headed back to the trailer for lunch.  Caleb and Madeline are enthralled with the hitching and unhitching of trailers and fifth wheels.  So they got a real kick out of watching a 5th wheel hitch up and leave the site during their lunch.
 Caleb then headed off to his tennis tournament.  Since these particular courts don't have a playground, the girls and I opted to stay back at the campsite.  They took naps while I enjoyed some quiet time.  Caleb played very well and again split his matches 2-2.  We are just so proud of him.  By the time they returned, it was time for dinner.  Dinner for 11 kids and 6 grown ups...that's a lot of food.
 A little bit later, our new friend Emily's sister came to visit, along with her husband and two kids.  Some of the people went fishing again while the rest of stayed back to make s'mores and eat some ice cream I made and brought along.
Day 2 was a great day.  I wished we could've stayed up late, chatting with our new friends more.  But we had an early wake up call the following morning for the Race for the Cure walk with Team Gina.  Gosh, do I love sitting outside in the dark under the night sky.  There's just something so peaceful about it.


Deb 10/10/2013  

What a fun time you guys had. I am so jealous, of course. Can't wait to see pics from the walk!

Jancy Peter 10/16/2013  

Yes I am breaking a commandment also Deb. I am jealous and I do want what my neighbor has :-) . It looks like so much fun.

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