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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sorry for the delay in finishing up our second weekend camping trip.
I have been busy sewing Halloween costumes, and I'm still not done yet.

Anyway, let me back up to (not last weekend, but) the weekend before.  On Saturday Caleb played in his first regular draw tennis tournament.  Up to that point, he had been playing in a Round Robin format, which is great for beginners because it means continous play.  For U10 tennis regular draws, there is also a consolation round, which means at least 2 rounds of play.  These tournaments typically last two days, so there is a bit of a time commitment.
 Caleb played a tough opponent in his first round.  And although he didn't win, he played very well.
 I didn't take too many photos because I know he can hear my shutter clicking, and I didn't want to be a distraction to him during a bigger pressure tournament.  After heading out for some lunch, we came back and waited for a court to open up for his consolation round match.
 Madeline was a trooper and let Havi play with her face/head.  They both laughed pretty hard.  It was sweet to watch.
 Havi eventually fell asleep on the blanket we laid out during his second match.  He played very well, even better than the first match.  But it wasn't enough for a win.  Still, we let him know that just two months ago, he came to the very same courts in his first ever tournament and played very differently.  He's come so far in such a short amount of time.  He looked like a completely different player out there this time around- greater confidence and skill set.  Anyway, after the match it was time to pack up and head back to our campsite.

Since Havi had taken such a late nap, she was up late.  I let her play with my iPhone for a little bit.
On Sunday, we hit the beach again, except I wasn't feeling very well at all.  So I didn't take my camera with me.  We had a super great time camping again, though we are looking forward to some camping without tennis just so we can relax a little more.

This past weekend was just tennis, both on Friday and Saturday.  Caleb played in his Friday fun night matches, again mixed doubles.  And on Saturday, he played in a Junior Grand Prix tournament.  This type of tournament is also a Round Robin format.  We thought he was going to play other 8-10 year olds, but it turned out that he was playing against 11 year olds! And he ended up in a three-way tie for first place!  We were so proud of him. And as we were getting ready to leave in the parking lot, he said, with a huge smile on his face, "I'm just so proud of myself!"  I don't think I've ever heard him say that before.  It just melted both my heart and Patrick's.

This weekend coming up will look a lot like the last two.  Friday night will be the last in the Friday night fun night tennis series.  I'm not sure when it will pick back up again.  Caleb really enjoys playing, even if it's doubles.  Then Saturday we will head to my sister's neck of the woods for another Junior Grand Prix tournament over there.  The girls will get to hang out with their cousins while Caleb plays.  And then on Sunday, we have some sweet family coming in from out of town.  We can't wait to get everyone together.


Cheri 10/24/2013  

It sounds like your summer keeps going on and on. Well, I guess if you live in Florida....

Our temps are cold. Down int he 30's last night and 50's during the day! I hear the hitting kicking on at night. It seems so strange. Our summer flew by!

the meaklims 10/24/2013  

I was going to say the same as Cheri, with regards to your weather! I come by your blog to warm up! :)
I love Caleb's uniform, he is such a star, must make your Mama heart so proud. And seeing your daughters relationship blossom, well, there is nothing better than that!
Enjoy the heat!

lisacng @ 10/24/2013  

The one of Caleb holding up his racket, looking into camera is so perfect to be framed! And how cute are the girls under the tree. The light from your iPhone on Havi is a great shot. Looks like she's acclimating to US culture ;)

Deb 10/26/2013  

Caleb is such a handsome player! And the girls playing together melt my heart. Can't wait to see you soon!

Jancy Peter 10/30/2013  

I love the sister moments under the tree..nothing like having a sister..glad to see Caleb doing so well in tennis...especially winning (coming in a tie) with an older age group.

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