Walking with Team Gina

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm so sorry for the delay in sharing about our Team Gina walk and wrapping up last weekend.  I never got around to working on the post before we went camping again this weekend.  Yep, you read that right! Camping in Miss Peggy two weekends in a row.  We camped at the same place as before and for good reason.  But I will get to that later.  For now let me back up to last Sunday.

Our last day camping with Miss Peggy on our inaugural camping trip had us all waking waaay before the sun did that day. We had a long drive ahead of us and had to be there to meet the rest of the team at 7:15am. As soon as we got there, we picked up our new Team Gina race day shirts.  Caleb and Madeline had just learned a new hand game from their new friends and were anxious to teach it to their cousins.
 Havi looked  like a 'lil gangsta with my Team Gina cap on.

Once the team had all arrived and registered, I snapped a pre-walk team photo.  Funny thing about this photo is that the local paper snapped a photo of me taking it.
 Since we left my minivan back at home, we were down a stroller.  So my sister came to the rescue and loaned me her carrier for Havi and her umbrella stroller for Madeline.  Deb, you were a lifesaver!
 Team Gina always brings up the rear for the walkers.  We had over 75 people walk as a part of Team Gina!  So naturally our group needs a little extra space. lol
 This photo of Lexi, Gina and Will's daughter (with her brothers alongside her) makes me smile.  During Gina's first walk, she found herself doing the very same thing- pushing a childless stroller.  Just like her mama....
 These cousins just melt my heart.  They were so adorable walking and holding hands.
 We did the short course...and yes, it took us 42 minutes to walk 1 mile.  Try to beat that time!
Madeline was none to pleased with the nutritious post race snack options.  Like her mama, she was wondering where the doughnuts were.
  Lexi enjoyed some watermelon.
  Havi enjoyed flashing her belly.
 I had to grab a quick photo of the POPS nurses.  They all worked with Gina at the same pediatric outpatient surgery center.  All three ladies are named Debbie.  How funny is that?
 After most everyone had refreshed themselves with something to eat or drink, we took another team photo.
  After picking up some goodies from the sponsor tables (like the awesome scarf from Ford that's on Madeline's head), it was time to head home.  We said our good byes, snapped a few photos and were on our way back to the campsite.
 After getting some lunch, it was time to head back to the beach for some sun and surf.  The kids got right to playing in the sand.
It truly was a fantastic first camping trip in Miss Peggy.  It's so awesome to go camping with friends, especially when all your sites are next to each other.  It's just like one big party.  The kids go back and forth between all the campers, ride each others bikes, share boogie boards.  The grown ups share food and conversation.  It's just all around a fantastic time together developing friendships and deepening relationships with our kids.

And as you can see from my introduction, we had such a great time, we couldn't wait to do it again!  We still had to sneak away for two tennis tournaments, which meant no late night dinners or s'mores.  But I will share more about that as soon as I get those photos uploaded.


Mom2Six 10/14/2013  

so bummed that we can't join you on your camping trips! The girls really miss camping!

Deb 10/14/2013  

I think you know how special these photos of the Team Gina walk mean to me. Our kiddos have come to expect to walk this walk every year. Such a blessing to walk alongside of you and your family for our sweet Gina. We love you, Gina!

Cheri 10/15/2013  

I often think about Gina and her family she left behind. I hope they are all doing well.

It looks like you had a beautiful day!

Skeller 10/25/2013  

a mile in 42 minutes is a pretty wicked fast time to try to beat ;-) maybe next year?!?

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