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Thursday, August 7, 2014

This past Spring, we had two houses go up for sale on our street.  Although both houses sold and had closed, we had no neighbors move in right away.  I was secretly hoping that meant families were waiting for kids to finish up their school years before moving.  And what would you know?  My suspicions were correct!  

One of the families has a teenage daughter and the other family has three young in, almost the same ages of our own three, kind of young boys!  Can you hear my screams of delight?!  Oh's safe to say they have hit it off.  Their oldest, Jack, is turning 10 and doing football, which means we didn't get to meet him when we stopped by with some homemade vanilla ice cream.  Needless to say Caleb couldn't wait to finally hang out with him.  Well, they played a little tennis in the cul-de-sac and then decided to cool off with the hose.  I was so glad they did because I had too much to do inside that I couldn't let them go swimming.  Smart kids...and happy kids too.
I had all six of them in the house yesterday afternoon playing red light green light, and I swore I couldn't hear myself think. lol  It was great!  The sound of kids delighting in each other is like music to my ears, even if that music is a little loud.

This weekend we will be headed to my sister and BIL's place to celebrate two precious kiddos birthdays.  She has been baking and crafting up a storm.  We all can't wait to party like a super hero!!!


lisacng @ 8/07/2014  

Wonderful to have neighbors with kids! I'd love that where I live.

Deb 8/07/2014  

I absolute love these photos!!!!! What great memories of meeting thd new neighbors. Remember when we were little and met ours? Can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!!

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