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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, we went camping two weekends ago.  A few days before we left, we picked up Charlie the RV from storage and parked him out in front of our house so we could load him up.
Caleb actually had a pool party to go to for a friend on the first night of camping.  So Patrick showed up with the girls, and he and I pulled in later that night.  Well, as soon as we did, Caleb began complaining of pain in his foot and started limping.  It was so bad that we thought he was going to have to withdraw from his tennis tournament. But instead of being hasty, we decided he should keep off of it all the next day and see how he felt come tournament time.  Well, that meant having to spend the entire next day hanging out inside the RV.  Throughout the day he would say his foot was feeling better, but as soon as I asked him to walk, he went back to limping.  Poor boy couldn't even ride his bike around the campground.  It was a long, long day.

The next morning, though, he declared his foot was feeling much better and that he could walk on it.  So he and Patrick headed off to the tennis tournament.  He almost finished his match, but then it was called for rain.  And that rain delay, which lasted three hours, eventually turned into a cancellation of all matches for the day. Bummer! The girls and I went to the beach with our friends before the rain eventually fell on us too.

Eventually the rain stopped over us too, and Patrick and Caleb finally made it back from the tournament.  Then it was time to grill up some good eats and hang out.
I love being outside at sunset.
The next day Caleb and Patrick headed back to the tennis tournament.  Caleb eventually lost that first match in a heart breaking third set tiebreaker.  He won his next match handedly but then lost his third from sheer exhaustion.  Again, while the boys were at tennis, I took the girls to the beach but didn't snap any photos with my cameras.

Well, the boys finally made it back to the campground late Sunday afternoon. We had been planning to go home at that time.  But since Caleb had missed out on two beach outings because of his tennis tournament, we decided we would stay an extra night and hit the beach for just a little bit. The dumplings played around with their boogie boards and soaked in the last bit of sun for the day.
Despite Caleb's foot injury, we had a great time camping.  I don't think we'll be combining tennis tournaments and camping anymore.  It's just too much to juggle.  Still, we're thankful for the time we had together.  Camping at the beach makes for some pretty awesome memories, that's for sure.


Grandma (Bammy) 8/28/2014  

Beautiful sunset shots!! The children looked like they really enjoyed themselves!!

Deb 9/04/2014  

Gorgeous sunset photos, sis! You amaze me!!!

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