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Monday, August 11, 2014

Before I get to our superhero party, I just have to mention that today marks 10 years since my wonderful mother passed away.  It's hard to believe it's been 10 years already.  So very much has happened in that time.  I have been blessed to bring home three amazing children from China.  My sister, too, has been blessed with two little munchkins.  Oh, how my mom would have loved her grandkids and spoiled them like she knew how.  I think of my mom a lot, in part because of my kids.  They ask me lots of questions about her or about parenting in general.  They ask about my childhood too.  So she naturally comes up a lot.  I miss her a lot, but when I think of her these days, my heart doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did in years past.  God has been so good and gracious to me.  I know I've said that before, but it's true, and I'm so thankful.  I love you like crazycakes, Susan Madeline! back to today's post and our superheroes...
The message had been sent out across the universe that there was a Super hero party going down in which two special super heroes would be celebrating an extra digit.  My niece Leah turns 7 this month, and my nephew Josh turned 3 last month.  Instead of throwing two separate parties and inviting all the same peeps, my sister decided to combine their celebrations. And it was an awesome decision.
She made capes and masks for the kids to wear.
She also made several desserts, including cupcakes, marshmallow pops and jello.
Havi really had her eye on those power pops.  Oh, yes she did.
My sister also had some games, like x-ray vision, capture the kryptonite, and target training.
Birthday girl Leah stepped in for Wonder Woman.  Isn't she the cutest?  
(My sister actually made her costume...two years ago.  She's gotten her use out of it to say the least.)
My sister wanted me to capture a few shots of all the kids wearing their capes and masks.  So all the parents headed outside to stop traffic and corral direct the younger participants...or act like photo bombers. (Two superheroes were out protecting the universe, one of them being my youngest.)  They managed a few poses for us.
Then it was time to head inside for a little birthday singing and candle blowing and indulging in some Ka Pow cupcakes.
After cupcakes, the birthday duo opened presents.
Then we headed back outside for a little kryptonite capture fun on the front porch.
These two toddlers are just too cute together.
We headed back inside to cool off and hang out.  I asked Josh how old he was now.  Funny little boy forgot to add his new digit.
And by the end of the day, this is what Havi did to most of those Power Pops!  Yep, she nibble across the tops of them and then put them back!!!!
So the other thing my sister likes to have me do at her kids parties is a little "photo booth" fun.  Well, with this year's theme, I knew I was going to have to move our "booth" from the front porch to the street. My sister wanted each family in attendance to strut their superhero stuff....and boy did they!

Matt and Niki really got into the spirit with their daughter Chloe.
Havi couldn't get enough of their neighbor's daughter.
So she joined their family for their shots, wearing Leah's sparkly shoes.
The birthday kids were still going strong.  Andy's face cracks me up!
And since Andy's dad was in Minnesota, he joined his mom for her family photo.
Ryan and Jenni showed up ready to conquer any and all evil forces with their two superhero sidekicks Landon and Audrey.
And then there's my family.  I love Havi's arm and foot, because that's what you do when you're still trying to eat your popcorn and pose at the same time.
Then my sister and I got in on the action.
We also took a "nice" photo.  Neither of of us were wearing our glasses because we had just taken our superhero masks off, and our eye glasses were inside.  That felt weird.  And it was hard to see.  Oh, and don't be jealous of our unbrushed Florida humidity enhanced hair.  We go to extreme lengths of sticky uncomfortableness to achieve our good looks.
So apparently my sister thought I was acting a bit too friendly with her, and Andy captured a great moment between us.
Then we tortured him by asking him to get a jumping shot of us...about 5 or 6 attempts later, he finally nailed it.  Poor guy.  We probably should've stretched before attempting that shot too, said my legs to me afterwards.  Oh, and I don't know who decided to put a mop on my head.  That wasn't very nice.
We all had such a wonderful time.

But wait, that's not all.  Nope, the fun didn't stop there.  You see, Andy, Matt, Niki, and Ryan are in a band called Elevators.  And they have a record coming out next month...and they needed some new photos. Aaaaand, I have a, we headed out for a fun little shoot after the party. My sister tagged along to take some behind-the-scene photos while Patrick, Marsha, and Jenni stayed back to watch all the kids.  It was sooooo hot and humid, but we still had a great time.  I was so glad that I was on the ground for a lot of shots because I got so weak with laughter that I kept falling over. Yeah, these guys (and gal) know how to make your stomach hurt.

So if you wanna hear their music, be sure to check out Elevatorsrock and be on the lookout for their release next month!

Well, by the time we got back to the house, it was dinner time.  My amazing hubby ordered pizza so we could dig right in once we got back.  Isn't he awesome?  Anyway, by the time we hit the road, the sun was setting.  Havi fell asleep as soon as we hit the highway, and the bigs were not long before they, too, were down for the count.
It was an amazing day...meeting new people (finally!) and celebrating two special little ones too.  And sorry for the extra long post and photo overload.  You know that happens every time my sister throws a party.  She can't help herself, and neither can I!

Happy Birthday, Leah and Josh!
We love you!!!


Deb 8/11/2014  

Girl, I think you know just how much I appreciate you capturing my days. lol! You rock! Also, thank you for your sweet words about mom. You are right, it does get a little easier as time goes by. But I still miss her greatly. Love you mom!

lisacng @ 8/13/2014  

Your sister is quite crafty!!! Very professionally done and I love the masks, capes, and all the color-coordinated food and decorations. LOL on Havi nibbling the tops of those pops!!!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all the "photobooth" photos - of all the kids but also all the families. What great memories!!!!!!!!!

Jancy Peter 8/28/2014  

Both of you guys are so talented with your crafty ways and baking. I loved all the shots plus the editors narration that comes along with the pictures. Seriously you had me cracking up. Happy Birthday to Leah and Josh. You have 2 beautiful blessings Deb!

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