And she's off!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So this precious little peanut of ours finally got her highly anticipated bike!  Her Baba couldn't come home from work fast enough to put it together because I was having a hard time finding all the necessary tools.  After assembling the bike, this little girl insisted he install her bike know, because her brother and sister both have bike lights.  So little Miss has to have one too.  Once her light was on, she was off!
She amazes me, though not really.  She transitioned easily from her little pre-balance bike to pushing Madeline's old pedal bike.  That bit surprised me because it was quite a jump from a toy to a bike.  Even though she only pushed/walked it for a week, she stayed balanced all the time, never once falling or losing control of the bike.  When she finally got her real balance bike on Monday, she just took off!  Now that the seat is at a comfortable height, she can really run.  And boy, does she run!  I can't even keep up with her.  I have to follow her at a distance and cut corners just so I'm not so far way as she rides.  And as you can see from one of the photos above, when she has enough speed, she lifts her feet and coasts.  I will have to upload a few videos I captured on my iPhone.  She's just to funny.

Seeing her so happy these last two days just does my heart good.  She loves keeping up with Caleb and Madeline now when they're either riding their bikes or scooters.  She feels like such a big kid.  Her bike riding is most definitely the talk of the block.  She might be the youngest kid on the block, but she certainly won't be left out!  You can be sure that her bike riding adventures has only just begun!

P.S.- Her new bike is the 12" Scoot by Ridgeback (in pink, obviously).


Deb 9/10/2014  

She is so cute!!! We love your pics and videos!!

lisacng @ 9/10/2014  

What a cutie! Glad she likes her bike. My son finally loves his after having it for more than a year.

Anonymous 9/12/2014  

Good heavens! She's growing so fast!

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