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Monday, September 15, 2014

You all know how much I love our little park on the river, right?  Well, it's still my favorite-y favorite park around.  But, unfortunately we don't get to visit nearly as much as we used to since we moved.  And a lot of that has to do with the fact that Caleb (and now Madeline) play so much tennis in the opposite direction of the park.  Well, what's a mama to do when a practice is too short to go home and has already gone to the grocery store the day before?  Find another park!  Now, we pass this park every day but have never stopped to play at it because we usually drop Caleb off at practice and go home.  But this past week was different.  I decided to take the girls to this small park with a playground that happens to be at the end of a deep water canal.  Now, it's not the river and has no shade...but it's still on the water (which is so relaxing) and a nice little spot to pass the time until Caleb's practice is up.  I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot more time here.
 Madeline wanted to snap a photo of me with Havi.
 Havi was so upset because she wanted to swing on the big kid swing, but I said no.  She's too young to support herself without falling off.  Poor little girly just didn't believe me and threw a nice little fit.
 So I finally took her out of the baby swing and put her on her belly.  That was enough to satisfy her, for now.


Deb 9/15/2014  

Love these pics! Their smiles are priceless. So happy that you found a new park for them to run around and enjoy the outdoors!

Grandma (Bammy) 9/16/2014  

the girls look happy with the new found park!!! Florida seems to have lots of them around!!!
Looking forward to see the family soon in Connecticut!!!

Melissa 9/17/2014  

love that little poutty face.

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