We went to the park

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We love winters in Central Florida because they are so mild.  And this winter has been an exceptionally mild one indeed.  We usually hit up our favorite park by the river quite a bit, but because of our recent move, the dumplings have spent more time playing in the cul-de-sac than at the park.

So when I told them the other day that we were going to head to our favorite park, they lit up!  As we were driving along the river and the park was in sight, they gleefully exclaimed from the back of the van "We missed you!!!!"  Hilarious.  But true.

I always bring my camera to the park, ever since those photography classes I took last summer.  So snapping a few shots of the dumplings was to be expected.  What I wasn't expecting, however, was the early winter sunset.  I just forgot that it sets so early now.  So this was a total plus.
They chased dragon flies and rolled around on the ground while the heron on the dock posed for me.  Of course, when I wanted to snap them having fun, they were done.
I think we need to get back to the park some more.  Sorry new cul-de-sac.  I do love you, just not at this time of day.  I hear the river calling my name.

Ni Hao Yall 


Deb 1/20/2013  

Love these photos sis! I know your kidlets love that park and I love seeing shots of them playing there. Gorgeous sunsets= gorgeous photos from a phenomonal photographer!

Gail 1/20/2013  

Fabulous captures...love every single one! Your sunset is incredible!!

Michelle 1/20/2013  

You have captured some beautiful memories! Gorgeous!!

Teri 1/20/2013  

Love Love your photos! Sun Flare is amazing!

Sophi Belle 1/21/2013  

Wonderful captures!! Such amazing colours in those twilight pics. <3

Living Out His Love 1/21/2013  

You always do such a beautiful job with the sunlight!

Fannie 1/22/2013  

I love the sunset photos! So cute!! Funny that Florida has been so warm- the one time we went early in spring (late feb) it was freezing!!

Fannie 1/22/2013  

I love the sunset photos! So cute!! Funny that Florida has been so warm- the one time we went early in spring (late feb) it was freezing!!

lisacng @ expandng.com 1/28/2013  

Lovely photos of the scenery and also the sunset/silhouettes! You're an expert! I can't wait for warmer weather around here!!!

sarah scott 2/03/2013  

How have I missed that we are both in Central Florida?? I have to admit I am missing a lot the pregnancy but jeez - we are neighbors! We are enjoying the fine weather too. May it continue to be cool and breezy for months to come...now that's just wishful thinking! :)

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