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Friday, January 25, 2013

The other morning I was hanging out with my precious girl, eating snacks and playing on my iPhone. I had already snapped a bunch of photos of her and the two of us together with my phone when it dawned on me that I needed to grab my big girl camera.  So I dashed around the house and grabbed it.  I was too lazy to hook up my wireless remote trigger or set up the tripod.  So I propped my camera up on the table and kept running around it to get in the shots.

I love this girl!!!!  
We've had so much fun doing school together these last few weeks.  She's really coming along with her reading and numbers.  I wish I had done K with Caleb this way- a lot less structured. 

Anyway, while I'm busy talking about Madeline, I thought I would share this video of her riding her brother's old bike...without the training wheels!  She was determined to do it, and it didn't take long.  Somehow she finds a way to keep balanced, despite having a shortened left arm.  After Patrick showed her how to keep going, I showed her how to start.  She's completely independent now.  Amazing.  


Kevin and Michele 1/25/2013  

So what are you doing with her for K? Sorry if I missed it in an earlier post!
Awesome on the bike riding!

Kate 1/25/2013  

I love her. And you too. And these shots that make "everyday" special. Well done. :-)

lisacng @ expandng.com 1/28/2013  

I love the photos taken at the brown table! The background is so lovely too. And love how you snuck in the photos!!!!! She didn't even notice :P. Lovely mom-daughter shots! And congrats to her riding a big girl bike! Brought tears to my eyes :).

Melissa 1/28/2013  

WOW! You go girl. Riding a big girl bike!

Nancy 1/29/2013  

Love the pics of the two of you together! A treasure for sure.

sarah scott 2/03/2013  

Lovely selfies. I have been so lax - I don't have a remote and waddling back in front of the camera after setting the timer is not easy! - but I need to get going again. Love these!

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