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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome home, precious Jin Bei.

What a trip! I will blog more about it a little later. But I just wanted to let all of you who were following our journey know that we have arrived safely at home, about 8:30am today after taking the red eye from LAX last night. Although we've only been gone 2 weeks, it really seems like much longer. Anyway, we're thrilled to be home and are going to do our best to get the kiddos on EST as soon as possible. Thank you to all who have shared in this wonderful journey with us. Your prayers and support mean the utmost to us. I'll check back in in a little while.


Melissa 7/31/2010  

Welcome home. Try to get some rest.

The Raudenbush Family 7/31/2010  

Welcome home!!!!! Hope you get back into the swing of things quickly and that jet lag doesn't hold you back (much). :)

Cheri 7/31/2010  

Can't wait to hear about your trip and how the whole family is adjusting. I love seeing those cute kids faces. Congratulations! And to think...you thought you wouldn't travel until after summer. Here you are...home.

Deb 7/31/2010  

It was so good to see you this morning! We'll send you the pictures and video so you can post them. I know my photography skills do not compare ;) Love you!

Colleen Cocci 7/31/2010  

Welcome Home to the entire family! Rest up and post more when you can. It's been fabulous to follow you throughout this process. I can't even imagine how happy your hearts feel that Madeline is as forever yours as Caleb has been! Give Caleb some extra loving - or I will come over and hug him to pieces :-)

Mom2Four 7/31/2010  

So glad you are home!!! Want me to come over at 8:30AM to wake you up!?!?? :-)

Patty 7/31/2010  

Welcome home!! I had so much fun following your journey and reliving ours! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to hear more!

Fliss and Mike Adventures 7/31/2010  

Yeah.... welcome home... I am sure you are so glad to be back... hope all went well... I thought of you all today... knowing that you would be back at some stage... can't wait to see you all but can understand hibernating for a while...

Lisa 8/01/2010  

So happy you made it back home. Just think now you can say Domkowski party of four.

Jancy 8/02/2010  

Welcome home and congratulations again on your little girl. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Jancy 8/02/2010  

Sorry didn't mean to say 'see the pictures' meant to say meet Madeline. Long week for me:-). I love the pictures you have some gorgeous kids.

Esther 8/03/2010  

Welcome home,to the whole family,
we are praising God for a safe trip
across the world and back home again.
How wonderful is God.
Much love,
Pete & Esther.

Esther 8/03/2010  

To the family, welcome Madeline.

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