One afternoon

Friday, April 11, 2014

I was folding laundry in the living room one afternoon while Caleb and Madeline watched some Tennis Channel.  I stopped and picked up my camera to capture the two of them engaged in some serious tennis viewing when Havi woke up from her nap and joined them.
There was a lot of giggling going on as Havi played with her brother's socks.  It made my heart smile.  

It's moments like these that fill our days and are worth slowing down and capturing.  Nothing extraordinary, breathtaking or magical.  A simple afternoon doing some chores...and enjoying the laughter of my children.  These are the days.


June K 4/11/2014  

I feel so much love when I read your blog and look at the photos. Your kids are so adorable, too. I get so much enjoyment from your blog. TFS so much.

Deb 4/12/2014  

So true, dear sis. So true......

Skeller 4/12/2014  

and yet ... totally, completely extraordinary, breathtaking & magical. Truly. Worth soaking & basking in, enjoying, and being grateful for. Which, it's so clear that you are. :-)

Kim 4/15/2014  

Looks like Havi likes to help with laundry! I love these simple moments, too! You have 3 adorable kids! So precious!

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