Spring Break camping: Part 1

Thursday, April 3, 2014

As I mentioned last time, last week we headed back to where Miss Peggy made her inaugural camping adventure with the same group of friends.  Of the three families, only one group of kids is not homeschooled.  Still, we thought it would be a great time to spend a long weekend during Spring Break back at the beach in our beloved houses on wheels. So last Thursday, we packed up Miss Peggy and headed up the road to our convenient little beachfront campground.  
Baba had a couple of eager helpers when it came to hitching up the trailer.
We actually pulled up to check in at the same time as our friend Bryan...totally unplanned.  Once we got to our site, we backed Miss Peggy in.  And much to our surprise, it was the best job we had done...and I guess it impressed our neighbors, as they made it a point to say so. I tell ya, that hubby of mine has really gotten the hang of towing this big girl and backing her up.  Anyway, Caleb and Madeline immediately started playing with Bryan's boys (the girls were with their mom Emily.)  And that meant Havi was hanging out with us as we set up.  She has discovered how to climb up and down the ladder for the bunks.  That does a mama's heart good.  Um, not.  She also thinks it's fun to hang out on the top bunks and not come down.  Again, funny for her.  Not for mama. lol
Our friends Lisa and Shail arrived later in the afternoon with their crew.  We all ended up having dinner (it's a big bring-your-own-food-and-everybody-shares-kinda-feast) at a site belonging to another friend of Bryan and  Emily's.  We had such a great time chatting and eating while the kids played.  Caleb especially enjoyed playing football.  I, however, turned in early with Havi because she didn't get a nap that day and tuckered out early.
The next morning we had breakfast and quickly decided to hit the beach.  The water was cold.  So the kids didn't really go in past their ankles.  Instead, they spent a lot of time playing in the sand.
We came back to the trailer for lunch, and then Patrick wanted to pick up a few things at the store with Caleb and Madeline while Havi took a nap.  She wasn't too thrilled about being left behind.
Shoes on the wrong feet and a big hot mess....poor girl.  Later on, Bryan took the big kids on a bike ride.
Havi wanted to be a big kid.  She didn't make the cut.
We did a lot of this...chillaxin' while the kids played.  We fired up the grills and ate some dinner at "our place" that night.
Emily's sister, Grace, came with her husband Jake and their two kids.  The bigger the crowd, the better.
 Caleb facilitated races for the little girls.
Then after some energy was burned off, it was time to roast some marshmallows.
Havi loves to greet every single car, truck, or motorhome that passes her way.
This photo of Havi absolutely cracks me up.  She was completely covered in dirt and could've cared less.  And then little Audrey dumped an orange cone full of dirt right on her head after I snapped this.  Bath time was really fun that night.  And I was still shaking dirt out of her hair the next morning. lol
And that would mark the end of day 2 of this latest installment of camping with Miss Peggy.

....to be continued....


Deb 4/03/2014  

So jealous of the fun times you guys are having camping. Boo. I love that little Havi and her precious dirty self!!!

Kate 4/03/2014  

Looks like so much fun! I LOVE the sleeping photo of sweet H. The composition on that is killer...I can't quit looking at it.

Sounds like you are having a great spring!

June K 4/06/2014  

Oh so fun! That little Havi cracks me. She is full of personality (and dirt). :)

Erin 4/06/2014  

What fun! I will admit, I was cracking up at the picture of Havi alone with her bike, perfect capture and perfect caption. :o) Beautiful photos of your camping adventure!

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