Spring Break camping: Part 2

Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 3 started off with a little rainbow loom bracelet making for Madeline and Maggie.  Maggie had actually spent the night with us in our travel trailer.  The girls like to do this at least one night.  It's a pretty convenient way to have an overnight.
We quickly ate breakfast and headed out to the beach.  Maggie and most of her family had to head to a birthday party, but we hit the beach with Bryan and Emily and their kids before the storm rolled in.
And boy did it.  We actually had tornado warnings and decided it would be best to head to the local mall and wait until the majority of the storm passed.  Patrick got in a quick shave, and Madeline had to join him.  
A tornado did touch down not too far from where we were.  So we were glad we chose to leave for a few hours.  When we came back, we all had dinner together.  The girls stayed inside and watched a movie while the boys went outside to play.
Our last morning was Sunday.  Bryan is one of the pastors at his church.  So he headed out.  But Patrick decided to do a little bible study with the kids.  We sang along to songs on our iPads and iPhones.
Then Stephen performed some magic tricks. I love how he has incorporated the illusions into bible lessons.  It was pretty neat.
Then the kids played some more.
All that play and lunch tuckered Havi out.  She slept while Caleb and Madeline continued to play, and Patrick and I packed up.
We had such a great time camping with our friends.  We joked that we're so glad we can all camp together because that's about the only time we can manage to all get together.  Still, we're going to try getting together without the camping part.

These are the times, though, we truly cherish as a family.  We love being together and relaxing, talking about things that matter in this great big world and watching our kids frolic under the sun...or the clouds.


Grandma (Bammy) 4/09/2014  

scary tornadoes!!! One thing I could not get used to in Florida!! Wonderful times with fiends - love your pictures, Eva. They are so clear.....
Hope to see you soon
sending lots of love

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