Our Easter happenings

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter morning started fairly early for the girls, up before 6:30am.  They saw their baskets and opened their eggs with their bible verses in them.  Caleb finally woke up around 7:00am and did the same.  Then it was a quick breakfast and out the door since church starts at 8:30am and isn't close by.  We dropped Madeline off at her class, and Patrick went with Caleb to his (Patrick is his teacher.)  Havi and I scooted over to the cafeteria to hang out for the next 90+ minutes.  I thought chocolate milk and a sugar cookie with sprinkles might make a good snack.  I often carry my Fujifilm camera with me because it's so compact and convenient to use.  So I propped it up on the table with the lens cap and set the timer to snap a few photos of me with my little girl.
We sat at a table by a window with the beautiful morning light streaming in.  After the service we went to the children's ministry to pick up Madeline.  We ran into our good friends Greg and Cheryl and their two kids.  Their son Connor is a year older than Caleb, and their daughter Kylie is a year younger than Madeline.  So our kids are not in the same classes.  They always play chase and run crazy wild while we chat after service.  I'm surprised we haven't had any major injuries yet. lol  Anyway, I snapped a quick photo in the parking lot before we left....in front of someone else's car. lol
Although it had been sprinkling on and off, I thought we could attempt a quick photo of the dumplings at a little park we pass on the way to/from church.
It took maybe twenty photos to get Havi to look, and then we called it done.  Once home, we got ready for the egg hunt.  Patrick hid the eggs in a few select rooms in the house (because of the rain.)  Some eggs had candy and some had money.
So after the one pose photo in the park deal, I determined to capture a few more shots of all three dumplings together at home.  
Our neighbors were in their driveway.  So the dumplings said hello.  And I know under their breaths, they were giggling watching the drama unfold as I attempted this mini photoshoot.  Their kids are in their 20s.  So no doubt they were thinking back to years past when they were in our shoes.
After Havi's nap, Patrick wanted to do some yard work.  He had to run to the store real quick for a few things.  Often when he leaves, Havi cries.  She has really grown attached to her Baba.
Caleb and Madeline helped rake our sea grape leaves.  Havi dug around in the dirt and poked at the leaves.  And Caleb loved giving the girls rides in the garden wagon.  It was such a nice, relaxing day.  I know most people don't do yard work on Easter.  And I don't know if we'll be making it a tradition.  But still, it was nice family time together.  The kids laughed and squealed all afternoon.  And the backyard is slowly getting a mini makeover.


June K 4/24/2014  

I had such fun seeing these Easter photos. TFS. Love the three shot of you and Havi in deep thought. The girls' dresses are so pretty - like the photo you captured of Madeline showing the back of her dress - have to remember the pretty backs, too. When you said some eggs had "money" in them you were not kidding. Looks like Caleb his counting some big bucks there. :)

Deb 4/24/2014  

Love these photos, sis! You have captured every moment perfectly. Such wonderful memories!

lisacng @ expandng.com 4/24/2014  

What great light in the first few photos. I like the light streaming in from the (my) left. Looks like a light leak. My fav is the 3rd, you both looking down. And what wonderful portraits of your 3 kids together. Great simple background, all about them.

Megan 4/25/2014  

Such fun pictures! I love the girls' dresses. And, I love that the super cute pic of them is in their play clothes - that's what happened with my 3, as well! :)

Skeller 4/25/2014  

the girls' dresses: swoon.

looks like it was a beautiful, wonderful day!

Fannie 4/26/2014  

Sounds like a great Easter and I LOVE the girls dresses!! :)So this is what I'm in for with Laila huh? Lots of shots with one looking forward! ;) Bring it on!! You are seriously one blessed lady!! Have they convinced you to go back for their little brother yet?? Haha!!

Anonymous 4/27/2014  

what beautiful faces to photograph!!
perfectly gorgeous pictures!!
sending love

Jancy Peter 4/27/2014  

Everyone looked so nice in their Sunday best. I really like the picture of them in the wagon to cute.

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