Happy Double Digits!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

I can't believe our precious Caleb is actually double digits!!!  Where oh where did the last seven years go?!

So, as I said in my last post, this precious boy of ours declared that he would like to play in a tennis tournament the weekend before his birthday, making it difficult to try to throw him a party back at home.  So we decided to let him play and that we would bring the party to the courts.  We left early in the morning, and boy was it cold! (40s is cold for us Floridians.)  We arrived about two hours before Caleb's first match so we could get the party bus/players' lounge set up.  One of his buddies had the lone early match.  So Caleb was eager to try to catch the end of it.
 Patrick and Bammy set up a couple tables in front of the RV for all the food.
 The cousins decided they would try to hit the ball around a bit. I'm just so glad that the kids playing matches right in front of us didn't lodge any complaints because we might have gotten a bit loud a time or two.
 Then all the boys headed out for their 11am matches.  A lot of them came back as winners, including the birthday boy. Then it was time to head to the party.
 There was a lot of laughter, eating, and good times.  There might have also been a game or two of tag thrown in there.
 I ended up baking several dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, as well as chocolate chip cookies and rice krispy treats.  I also made my Aunt Alison's delicious Texas caviar.  Patrick did a great job grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.  He watched the first set of Caleb's first match and then headed back to heat up the charcoal.  It worked out very well.  
Then it was time to head out for the next round of matches.  Caleb had to play against his buddy Charlie (the other boy in the bright green shirt above), who is a tough player.  It was a really great match between them, but Caleb wasn't able to pull off a second win that day.  Still, it was such a fantastic day.  
 After his last match, we headed back to party central to clean up and prepare for departure.  We didn't want anyone to bring gifts, but he did manage a few from some friends and family.  He scored some extra wide sweat bands, which he loves.
 He also got a 2015 tennis calendar from Phil and Marsha, which he has already hung in his room.
 His buddy Walker, who trains with him back home, gave him some fun mustaches.
 And his buddy Charlie gave him a tennis shirt.
 A few party attendees decided to model the mustaches for us.
Since the sun was still up, and there was one more meal to be had that day, we decided to stick around a little bit longer and hit up our favorite little Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.  Phil and Marsha were able to join us again as well.  Dinner was delicious, as always.  I mean, how can you go wrong when everything is so fresh?  And in typical fashion, when we all went to sing Happy Birthday, that little stinker Havi blew out Caleb's birthday candle!!!  Madeline did it to him when he turned six, and now Havi has gone it done it when he turned ten!  Little sisters!!!!  Sheesh.

Anyway, what a way to spend his Birthday "Adam"!  Last month, I heard a fellow blogger refer to the day before Christmas Eve as Christmas Adam (because Adam came before Eve.) And well, I think birthdays can have "Eves" and "Adams" too. I'm so grateful that Caleb has the opportunity to play so many tennis tournaments at a great facility that's a stone's throw from my sister's place (and her in-laws too.) Our family may not be large, and we may not live in the same town, but we sure try to get together as often as we can (and tennis actually helps to that end!)  Speaking of my sister, we both ended up wearing very similar outfits- blue jeans, gray shirts and black jackets.  Craziness!!!  (And I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a photo.)  Needless to say, we confused a few players and parents. lol  Also, I have to give a big shout out to Patrick and Bammy for all they did to set up the party.  The day would not have been possible without them.

So, welcome to the double digit club precious Caleb.  
Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you this year!

Happy 10th Birthday, big guy!

(p.s.- And stop growing up so fast!!!  Please!!!)


lisacng @ expandng.com 1/12/2015  

Time certainly flies! Happy birthday buddy! Cute that he loves extra wide sweat bands.

Deb 1/12/2015  

We had such a blast hanging out in the player's lounge! It was an awesome day, all day long! Thanks for the memories! Happy Birthday Caleb!

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