The camping trip that never was

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Well, tennis and the cold trumped our camping adventures last weekend.  It ended up being chillier at night than we had anticipated. And since Caleb was playing in another tennis tournament, we decided to sleep back at the house.  Riding bikes and scooters was about all the dumplings did at the campground during our limited time there.  I think we spent more time at Bammy's site on Caleb's Birthday Eve than we did the following weekend. lol  Anyway, here's some proof that we really did try to camp last weekend.
Even though it was brief, the dumplings still had fun.  We're looking forward to camping with several of our friends next month.  We'll have to drive a good bit to reach that campground. So there's no chance we'll skip on back home if it's cold.  We'll just have to deal with it, which is fine because we'll actually be prepared for it instead of just winging it like we tried this past weekend. 

Well, Bammy's visit is coming to a close.  We have really enjoyed having her here.  There's been lots of laughing, singing, coloring, and playing. We will surely miss her when she heads back to Connecticut.


Deb 1/23/2015  

I love the smiles on my niece's and nephew's faces!

B Wilson 1/25/2015  

Had a great time with the family - the children are getting more grown up each visit.....Madeline is doing so well with tennis and she loves the dancing too!!!
Caleb is wonderful to watch on the courts and Havi is such a great playmate.....
thanks for a special time

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