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Friday, January 16, 2015

One of the beauties of homeschooling is setting our own schedule, which includes days off.  So naturally, we opted for a little day time fun on Caleb's actual birthday.  The plan was to do something low key because he was supposed to have tennis practice that night.  So we decided to hit up a local putt putt place that also features some alligators.  We thought we'd play 18 holes first and then try to feed the gators. There were some snakes and other critters on hand for viewing as well.
One hole had a cave to putt through, which was pretty cool.
We had so much fun.  Everyone had some great shots, including Havi, who had no problem hitting your ball as well. lol  Once we were done with putting, the dumplings each waited their turn to take a photo with a baby alligator.  Havi went first.  She delcared it "heavy."
After photos, they tried to feed the alligators, but since it wasn't their typical eating time, they could only convince these fish that are in the piranah family to eat up.
After finishing up with golf and the gators, we went to lunch at little Cuban restaurant.  We encountered a little drama as we were getting out of our car, as we witnessed a car traveling at a good speed clip the back of a parallel parked truck and then continue on a bit.  Amazingly, about 100 feet past us, passing through an intersecting at just that moment, Patrick spotted a police car.  I ran up the sidewalk flailing my arms like a lunatic.  Thankfully, he spotted me and stopped.  Then a public works truck who also witnessed the whole thing relayed what happened to the police, and he took off to find the vehicle.  What a scene!

Well, after all that, lunch was delicious.  But unfortunately, much to Caleb's disappointment, his tennis practice was canceled that night due to rain. He was so bummed.  He wanted me to bring cupcakes at the end of practice.  So that had to wait until the following day.  All of his training buddies wished him a happy birthday.  And I think that made up for the delay in cupcake delivery.

So today we are headed to another tennis tournament.  Bammy has really enjoyed watching Caleb and Madeline play tennis.  So another tennis tournament was put on the schedule for this weekend.  Thankfully there will be no rain, but it will be a bit chilly..well for us Floridians anyway. lol

Have a great weekend!


Jancy Peter 2/05/2015  

My kids loved watching your kids holding the gator! Happy Birthday Caleb!

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