Chalk, chapstick and "bikes"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Although we homeschool year round, this summer has been extremely light due to the fact that I am taking a few photography courses and helping out my hubby with his business.
That has left lots of time for chilling out at home for the two dumplings.

On this particular day, Madeline got in a little dance practice as well as some cuddling on the couch with her brother.

Then it was time to head outside for some fun with chalk.
While Caleb was drawing a rocket, Madeline asked him to draw one for her...this big.
I love how she got chalk smeared on her cute, little face.
The back of my minivan is always a great place to chill.

Caleb and his masterpiece

As I mentioned in my previous post, Madeline had her dress rehearsal and dance recital this week.  She also had her last dance class of the year.  After coming home from class, she wanted to play outside but first needed some "glittery chapstick". She is all girl.

Then it was time to ride.
She had to change out her glittery shoes for dressy shoes. 

She enjoyed getting pushed by big brother.

Then, of course, big brother also wanted to ride.

Well, I'm happy to report that I edited these photos in Lightroom.  Can I just say that batch editing ROCKS!  I'm really kicking myself that I didn't get Lightroom sooner, but I'm trying not to beat myself up over it.

And if you're wondering about Madeline's dance recital, have no fear.  I will post photos from the big event soon.  I took a bunch of photos from the performance that I still need to go through.  So hang tight.

And how did she handle the performance?  Well, I think she did great!  She remembered her routine and shook those hips like a champ.  We are so proud of her!  And let me tell you, this girl loved being on the stage.  She didn't want to come down!

Although I'm not participating in Sunday Snapshot this week, I thought it would still be fun to link up.
Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!
Stay cool and have fun!

Ni Hao Yall


Susan 6/10/2012  


These pictures were incredible. Your children are precious.

Great captures of them having fun.

Love these kinds of pictures...

Grandma (Bammy) 6/10/2012  

Hello, Dancer Madeline!!! I can't wait to visit you and your brother in July!!!! I miss my grandchildren! Lots of love

AshleyAnn 6/10/2012  

These are all so beautiful. I really like the way you processed them..they are light, soft and natural. You have so many shots that communicate a beautiful story. I love her expression when her big brother is pushing her and the series of chapstick pictures are gorgeous.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 6/10/2012  

I love these- seeing her on the trike with the pink ballet clothes is so darling.

lisacng 6/10/2012  

I love seeing the wonderful relationship between brother and sister! Hope they don't ever have that sibling rivalry phase that my sister and I went through ;). Don't get me wrong, we love each other now, just not from years 10-16 I think ;). Anyways, I'm so glad you like Lightroom. What kind of post-edits do you do, if I might ask? Can't wait to see the photos of your little rising star! And my fav of the lot is Madeline riding the tricycle. She looks so determined! The ones in the minivan also have some great soft light!

Christine 6/10/2012  

Love your pics. Your kids are beautiful!

Deb 6/10/2012  

Love seeing Caleb and Madeline together, enjoying each other. Love the angles/lines of Caleb admiring his masterpiece.

Madeline cracks me up with her lip glosses and dressy shoes. The girl is never without!!

I had so much fun watching her dance and shake things up this weekend! She is quite the performer!!! Love ya!!

Diane 6/10/2012  

Awesome job on editing in Lightroom. You know, I have bought Lightroom last year and still don't know how to use it! So...I stick with photoshop....Can't wait to see Madeline's recital photo's...but I have to tell you....she looks sooooo adorable in these photo's I can imagine her any cuter:)
God Bless,

Kim Cunningham 6/10/2012  

I love each and every shot! Every girl should have glittery Chapstick. I bet she feels like a princess wearing it!

the meaklims 6/10/2012  

There you go with perspective again Eva!! Awesome wor., I just love those two shots of Caleb and his chalk masterpiece! You have a fabulous eye!

Can't wait to hear about the dance!


Shannon 6/10/2012  

I love Bert's Bees!! Best chapstick ever!! Your cutie pies look like they're having a blast! Great photos!

Nancy 6/11/2012  

1---the pic of the close up of her holding the chapstick is my very favorite! Love the details.
2---I am pea GREEN with envy over the shade! That's it! I'm moving!

These are lovely, Eva!

Sophi Belle 6/11/2012  

I love the first photo! Did she practiced the Egyptian style? My girl dances like that too, she learned it from that Eloise cartoon show. :))

And the bike photos are so cute, I love how he is helping her ride.

Have a great week!

Stefanie 6/11/2012  

You always manage to capture the loveliest light in your pictures! Makes me wanna come over and hang out on your couch :)

BumbersBumblings 6/12/2012  

I love the ones of her on the trike! She always look so big/old, but B has the same trike and she doesn't look much bigger than him on it. Isn't it so funny when you only know someone by pictures they seem different?

Great Scott 6/14/2012  

love how your minivan is the hangout spot! and...burt's bees is the best. especially when it's glittery! maren has a serious obsession with chapstick - we have to ration it out. haha! lovely photos as always. excited you are taking a photo course - how fun! xoxo

Jancy 6/15/2012  

Every shot of your children looks great. I mean how could it not when they are just beautiful kids. But i do have to say the one of Madeline sitting in the back of the van...very striking pose of her. Just gorgeous!

Loving Lola 6/21/2012  

Hi I'm taking SnapShop right now too and saw your link :) Your pictures are beautiful. I can see you are really using the concepts we've been learning. I love how soft and warm all these photos are. It looks like you had a very nice day together. Your littles are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

the brokaws 6/21/2012  

found your link from our snapshop page...these are great photos and your kids are adorable!!

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