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Thursday, June 7, 2012

As we prepare for Madeline's dress rehearsal this afternoon, I was reminded of these photos that I forgot share.  Among the characters she likes to play lately is the Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

You know, the one who's always late.
She, too, had a very important date.

Dropping her travel alarm clock pocket watch would not slow her down either.
No way.  She was going to get there.

Where was she going?
Well, she had gardening to do!

Seriously, this girl is hilarious.
She keeps us in stitches all the time.
There's never a dull (or quiet) moment when she's around.
I can't wait to see how she actually handles the big stage tonight and Saturday.

And if you think I've forgotten I have a son to photograph as well, have no fear.
I have taken a ton of photos of both kids this week as I am taking Ashley Ann's Snapshops online photography class.  I have edited a few of them here and there, but I am (mostly) waiting until I purchase Lightroom 4 to edit them.  I have been editing photos using Photoshop Elements 6 (yes, you read that right) for the last *cough* 4.5 years. 
So I can't wait to batch edit!  Hooray!!!!

  Stop by Lisa's blog for some more Friday fun:


lisacng 6/07/2012  

Hi Eva! First, I'd love to know what you think about an online photography workshop. I've been hesitant to sign up for one. I'm eyeing a few from Clickin Moms. Anyways, love the shot of Madeline walking away from the camera. I can see the bounce in her step. I also love the use of negative space in the 1st photo. Can't wait to see what you do in LR and how you like it. I'm going to an in-person LR4 seminar next Mon. Can't wait to share and practice what I learn.

Melissa 6/07/2012  

Funny little girl.

Deb 6/07/2012  

I tell ya, this girl and her princess shoes. She is never without them! She is such a hoot! I can't wait to see her performance this weekend. I am on pins and needles...Love your photos, dear sis. So beautiful!

BumbersBumblings 6/08/2012  

Love her Princess shoes! Soo precious!!

MG Atwood 6/08/2012  

I can really sense her personality in these shots! She's adorable! The little heels crack me up, I can remember those all too well.Joining you from Photo Friday.

Great Scott 6/08/2012  

ha! I just got Elements 10 (my first photo editing program) at Christmas and after 6 months I am already kicking myself for not buying another program. While my editing is light and I don't need much, certain features (like batch editing) would be so, so nice. Anyway, love these photos. Your gal is just gorgeous and I hope the recital goes well!

Shannon 6/09/2012  

My daughter clomps and trips around in her "fancy" shoes, as she calls them, as well! She is 4. And I feel guilty all the time for only posting photos of my two smallest kiddos... but my elusive 15 year old is just that! ELUSIVE! Rarely seen. Only if he wants food or money have I seen him since school let out for summer! GREAT PHOTOS!

Life with Kaishon 6/09/2012  

These pictures are so incredibly beautiful. I absolutely ADORE the storytelling that went along with the images. How incredible. : ) Thank you for brightening up my Saturday.

michele 6/10/2012  

Great pictures....can't wait to see pictures of her dancing!!
Girls and their shoes! I can still hear her wallking around the house in her heels!
Love to all from up north!
Love, Aunt Shell, Uncle John & Lydia!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 6/10/2012  

DARLING!!!!! I love that second one- the focus on her & the beautiful bokeh all around....stunning!

the meaklims 6/10/2012  

Ohhhh, that first photo is INCREDIBLE! Love it. Love your perspective. I really need to start shooting 'outside the box'. Nice work.

Love her outfit too, she is such a sweet girl, and those shoes... perfection!! :) I love that she has no expectations on what to wear when you're gardening! Brilliant!


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