How we spent his Father's Day

Monday, June 18, 2012

It started off like most Sunday mornings, off to church, and then back home.  Patrick had to work a little. So he headed there while the dumplings and I came back home.  While anxiously awaiting their Baba's return, they put some last minute finishing touches on their watercolor projects. We used our Derwent watercolor pencils.  Madeline declared wearing chapstick was a prerequisite.
See that chapstick in her hand along with the watercolor pencil?

At one point, apparently the room was chilly.  
Since Baba still wasn't home, we thought we'd make him some cookies...only they turned out horribly, so we won't go there.  Suffice it to say, he'll be getting some brownies today after I pick up the rest of the necessary ingredients from the store.

Baba finally got home from work and opened his present- a 16x20 gallery wrap (from Mpix) of his three biggest fans.
Then it was time for some swimming and hanging out with the dumplings.

After cooling off, we headed down the block for a little batting practice.

Even Madeline insisted she have a turn.  Yes, flip flops are an appropriate part of her baseball attire, so she says.
Then we headed over to the field.

Daddy stole some kisses.

Madeline was pretty happy as long as she had a drink.
Caleb thoroughly enjoyed catching fly balls from Daddy in the outfield.
Madeline insisted she also get a turn at batting.
And she even hit the ball- if you look toward the right of her face, you can see the ball in the air.  You go, girl!
Then it was time to pack it up and head back home.
Nothing fancy.  Just a nice, relaxing day chilling with the dumplings and enjoying the outdoors.
We love you so much, Baba!
Happy Father's Day!!!!


the meaklims 6/18/2012  

It looks fun and busy too! Sorry to hear about the cookies, I hope the brownies turned out better... at least you tried, which is more than I can say! ;)

Happy Baba's day.

Cheri 6/18/2012  

Oh, what a sweet family day! Too bad about the cookies. I'm sure it was a good day despite the loss of sweets.

Deb 6/18/2012  

Love these photos, sis. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. I love the lines and angles in your photos. Girl, I don't know how you get better at photography all the time, but you find a way. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Mom2Six 6/19/2012  

Glad you had such a great day! Hopefully next year there will be another cut face in the pictures.

Stephanie 6/19/2012  

Looks like a perfect day! I love the chapstick and flip flops. You will be so glad you captured those tiny details as the years go by. :)

Kim Cunninam 6/19/2012  

Such beautiful captures! I love M's permanent Chapstick accessory. My daughter use to love the Lip Smacker sets at Christmas in her stocking.

Grandma (Bammy) 6/19/2012  

what wonderful pictures of your dumplings!!
Happy Father's Day to Patrick!!!
Lots of love

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 6/20/2012  

What an amazing day for you guys! The whole run down of the day just had me grinning from ear to ear! I just love your family! HUGS

Skeller 6/20/2012  

what a thoroughly delightful day, beautifully photographically captured!!

lisacng 6/21/2012  

Father's Day looked real special. I love that they made something for dad. Homemade gifts are the best! I love how cheeky Madeline is in the 1st photo :)! I love the one of Madeline cleaning up her "station" in the kitchen by the mixer! She's so thoughtful! And beautiful countertops. Wow, great photos by the pool! Did you have to crouch down or were you in the pool too? Love how the water glistens so beautifully blue! Hope Dad had sunscreen, LOL! Love Caleb sitting at home plate. Very cool "context"! And I love Dad time on the bench! Way to go for hitting the ball, Madeline!

Great Scott 6/23/2012  

what a lovely father's day! so fun to see your family celebrating the man of the house! xoxo

michele 6/24/2012  

The pictures are awesome! Love the ones in the ball field! I wish I could see the picture Patrick got for father's day.
Love to all from up North...
Aunt Shell

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