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Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's no mistaking that Madeline loves to dance.  She's constantly twirling.
Even in the dugout or on the tee ball field last fall, she was the twirling queen.
So naturally we signed her up for dance lessons when we had the opportunity.

She loves to listen and dance to The Nutcracker.
So one evening while her brother and Baba played a game of basketball, 
she wanted to dance with me, complete with princess dress and matching socks.

She also practiced her ballet number for her recital next weekend.
Until she was too tired to dance any more.

Then she wanted to watch some of the videos I've taken of her during observation day.
Caleb snapped these last two. 
I love how he's so eager to help me get in front of my camera.
And please, please try not to be jealous of the roots I'm sporting.


Deb 6/02/2012  

I just love that little princess/ballerina!!! I can not wait to see her performance!!! I am giddy with excitment!

lisacng 6/02/2012  

You both are so pretty! I can't wait to hear about the recital! I love that Caleb loves taking over the camera!! He's a natural. I can't tell you got roots!

Grandma (Bammy) 6/03/2012  

so good to see you both together!!! I am praying for Deb's close friend, Gina.
and looking forward to seeing those two wonderful "kiddos"!!

living out His love 6/05/2012  

Love seeing you with your little treasures Eva. So terribly true that mamas are never in pictures with their babes. I love snapping precious moments of mamas with their little ones, those images just warm my heart!

BumbersBumblings 6/06/2012  

I LOVE your roots, because they make me feel better about mine :)

Great Scott 6/08/2012  

I'm always impressed that your son is able to wrangle that big D700 - my dream camera! - and get a clear shot. And what great moments he chooses. You've got a natural on your hands. And, as for the roots, I won't be jealous because I've got my own. And they are prematurely gray. Lucky me.

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