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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Honestly, when Nancy over at Ordinary Miracles & the Crazy 9 asked if anybody
was interested in documenting their life in photos for 7 days,
I thought there was no way I'd be able to keep up.  Guess who surprised herself?
Yep.  Me.  I did it!

Initially, I thought I could handle the challenge by simply using my iPhone.
But then I thought that would be too easy for me, as I have been using my iPhone to document 
every day life more frequently.
And since this was a challenge, well, then, I needed to actually challenge myself.

So here we go.

Day 1
Daddy sang his little girl a lullaby.

Day 2
Part of our morning routine.

A little selfie, that's me in my PJs.

Some play time.
I surprised myself with the shot above, as it was taken in our dining room which is the most poorly lit room in our house.  The light I used to expose the shot is coming from about 10 feet behind their heads, from a small-ish window in our laundry room.

Settings were f/1.6 SS 1/30, ISO 3200.  
Yes, I can't believe I hand held this shot!

More play.  I can't remember now what they were singing to me.
Madeline insisted on wearing these bottoms which were not the same pink, 
but you couldn't tell her that. lol.

Day 3
Reading a catalogue that came in the mail.
More from this day in a later post.

Day 4
Night time routine- potty before bed.
Can you tell that Madeline enjoyed her cookies and cream ice cream?

Day 5
More play and cuddling.

Day 6
My ballerina was all tuckered out after some dancing.
More from this day, too, in another post.

Day 7
I shared a bunch from this day already.
This was taken when my sister and her family were here this past weekend.

So there you have it!
As you can see, I tried to capture some of what we do on a daily basis.
Morning and night time routines and lots of play.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Nancy for putting me up to this challenge.
It ended up being easier than I thought it was going to be because I was intentional.

And if you're keeping up with Havi's adoption, I have some good news.
Our placing agency approved our homestudy today!  We have just a few
minor corrections to make, and then we'll be able to submit our I-800A.
Back in March, when we got the homestudy ball rolling, I had hoped that we would
have our approval from our placing agency by the end of May.
Well, God's funny that way....waiting until the last day of May.
But He answered my prayer.  (Yep, He's Faithful!)  It was approved in May.
We'll be submitting our I-800A some time next week!

Can I get a woot?!


Kim Cunningham 5/31/2012  

Woot! :). Congrats on moving forward! That is great.

You did an amazing job with this challenge. Every one is beautifully lit. You have some precious kids who look full of joy!

Mom2Six 6/01/2012  

Woot! So glad you are on to your next step in your journey to Havi!

Cheri 6/01/2012  

I enjoyed peeking into you life of a week. BTW, you have that comforter with the lanterns I looked at so many years ago. I loved that set!

Congratulations on getting your homestudy completed. I don't think I'd be as patient as you are, though.

Toni 6/01/2012  

Not just a woot; how about WOOT!

lisacng 6/01/2012  

Woot! You are great at capturing life's moments, but also in a technically beautiful way. Great job on the handheld shot, and I can't even see the grain at ISO 3200. My camera starts to show grain at like ISO 800 :(. Oh well, it's a textured look ;). Congrats on completing the challenge, I can't wait to read followup posts - what's with the pout! and cute ballerina. I love how they love each other!

Deb 6/01/2012  

Love seeing your daily pics, sis! I especially love your selfie! What an awesome job capturing yourself in both mirrors. Beyond impressed. And I love the dining room photo. I know just how dark that room really is, and you did an amazing job getting all of that light into your image. Kuddos!!!

Nancy 6/08/2012  

Did I not comment? But we talked.
I want to go on public record... I want to take pictures this way. These are divine!

Great Scott 6/08/2012  

First - that shot you took with 3200 ISO has no noise or grain at all. WOW. I am seriously jonesing for your camera and kicking myself for not taking the plunge when I was upgrading from my D5000. Happy with the D300s but...wow, that shot is impressive. And, congrats, CONGRATS on your wonderful news! So happy to hear things are moving along with Baby Havi! xoxo

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