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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I thought it would be fun to participate in Darcy's weekly Sweet Shots linkup.
There's no theme to the linkup.
However, this week she's celebrating her 100th Sweet Shot
and encouraged those linking up to participate in the 100 theme.
So I tried.

Congratulations, Darcy!

So what's my contribution to the 100 theme?
A "100 flat" from our base 10 math manipulatives.

Next week, we will be finishing up our core homeschooling year.
Hip hip hooray!
We have thoroughly enjoyed using Ambleside Online.
Last fall, we got our feet wet by incorporating some Charlotte Mason principles
and a few of the suggested readings for Year 1.
By the beginning of this year, however, we dug in deeper.
And I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've learned quite a bit this year as a result.

We spent a fair amount of time watching birds.
We set up two bird feeders and a bird bath for our viewing pleasure.
We see blue jays, cardinals, and mockingbirds every day, plus grackles, doves, and red bellied woodpeckers.

We placed the bird bath right outside our living room window.
These shots were taken from inside the house (through the window and screen.)

As I've mentioned in a previous homeschooling post, Caleb has wanted to learn to type.
Because of his brachial plexus injury, he types one-handed.
Although the typing program is intended for two-handed typists, 
he's doing very well.  He uses a child-size keyboard, which is necessary
due to the added reaching required to type one-handed for anyone.
Really, I find myself typing one-handed at times, and it's a stretch.
Try it.

Anyway, now that summer is here (at least, here in Florida, it's felt like summer for a while now!),
we will be transitioning to our "light school" schedule.
We will regularly do math and reading, while
throwing in some nature study, writing and whatever else interests us.
We keep this schedule because I believe it is important to teach that learning can happen
anywhere and anytime, not just fall through spring, or Monday through Friday, for that matter.
In the fall, we will begin Ambleside Online's Year 2.
However, we have already been enjoying the free readings suggested for the year 
because we just couldn't wait.

So there you have it...
a readers digest version of our year in review.
I'm sure I'll be sharing some of our summer schedule highlights 
as we move into the real summer months.

And after three years on this homeschooling journey, I have to say 
that we wouldn't have it any other way!
We love it!


Danelle 5/08/2012  

Great idea for 100. I help with math at school and we use those base 10 blocks all the time.

Kim Cunningham 5/08/2012  

I love your 100 interpretation! Great job. I too, really like the Charlotte Mason style of learning and I need to incorporate more of her style. I have nature buffs, who really enjoy that sort of learning.

I love your bird shots. They are great!

Lei 5/08/2012  

Oh my goodness! I love that bird bath, I want one for our porch too! It's so nice! I love that the bird seemed like gargling the water and the other one is happily swimming on it or taking a bath! ^^,

Great method for learning!

living out His love 5/08/2012  

Great to hear this! I haven't announced it yet, but we're starting our first homeschooling year in the fall. I'm really excited but nervous for the change. This is great positive encouragement!

Kristy LifenReflection 5/08/2012  

What beautiful visitors you have! I agree schooling all year round is better!

Grandma (Bammy) 5/08/2012  

To see kids learning from all aspects of life is a rewarding experience!! The possibilities are endless!!
And such students!! All teachers should be so lucky!!!
Lots of love,
Your Bammy

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