The joy of reading

Sunday, May 27, 2012

As I mentioned earlier this week, we love to read as a family.
We read together throughout the day.
And although Madeline is just sounding out CVC words, she loves to "read" right along with us.
Sometimes they got a bit distracted by birds on the feeder, band aids, 
playing knock-knock, or howling like wolves.
Still, we had a fun afternoon.


I guess all that reading tired Caleb out.
He wanted to put Madeline down for her nap that afternoon.
Seems somebody else needed one too.

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LeiShell 5/27/2012  

Your pictures were done beautifully. I love how you kept one in focus and then one blurry...the angles and the way you captured the light. You did a great job! LOVE LOVE books at our house too. We read every important!

Deb 5/27/2012  

Love these photos! You are so fortunate to have such a large sofa and window for Caleb and Madeline to read by. You should be so very proud of the both of them and how well they read. Fabulous job mommy!

living out His love 5/27/2012  

I always love looking through your images, Eva! Love the true life that you always capture so well :-) And the love between your 2 precious kiddos is so touching, I can actually feel it in your photography! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

MRivas 5/27/2012  

Love your pictures, great light and moments! Those books bring back memories for me, especially Little House!

Shannon Pate 5/28/2012  

I sooo envy the light in your home! These are fantastic photos, and great memories!

Diane 5/28/2012  

Oooooo the magic moments! I LOVE these photos Eva. You capture Caleb and Madeline so beautifully!
God Bless,

the meaklims 5/28/2012  

Your two beauties are beyond precious. I love reading and have a weakness for buying kiddie books! Love your pictures, the lighting is incredible.

Would love to know what lens you use. :)


Stephanie 5/28/2012  

I love that your kids love to read. That copy of Wizard of Oz reminds me of the copy we had when I was a kid.

Stefanie 5/29/2012  

So sweet - clearly your kiddos have an incredibly special bond and you capture that so beautifully!
Love that they both ended up napping... not much cuter than a sleeping child :)

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 5/29/2012  

I think that is great!! I absolutely adore seeing my kids choose to sit & read rather than play with toys. Warms my heart.

Life with Kaishon 5/29/2012  

Awwwwwwww! Your little readers are just so cute. What a sweet post : ) I miss those days of reading together. It flies by quickly.

Michelle DuPuis 5/29/2012  

Lovely photos and sweet memories. :-)

lisacng 5/30/2012  

Your kids are adorable! Look at em reading novels! Such a cute photo of Caleb napping. Such vibrant colorful photos!

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