Some birthday fun for mama and the gang

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some of this.
It's just what I was hoping for to celebrate my birthday/Mother's Day this year.
Watching my kids enjoy themselves.

The best hubby in the whole wide world decided to take the day off from work 
and spend it with me and our two precious dumplings.
His idea?
To rent a boat and cruise along the river.

I said yes!
And thank you very much!

So we rented a little pontoon boat for the morning.
And thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Madeline thought she could help BaBa "drive."

Caleb enjoyed some fishing.

The homeschooling mama in me enjoyed the wildlife.
We spotted several double-crested cormorants.

And this little guy...a ruddy turnstone.
Nope, I didn't know his name when I took his photo.
I knew he was related to the sandpipers and had to look him up.
So there he is.  He's glad to meet you, too.

We "dropped anchor" on a small island in the middle of the river.
Then we walked along one shore and across a shallow sandbar to another island.

The kids did a lot of digging.
There wasn't any sand here, just fine, broken shells.
So Madeline was a bit disappointed she couldn't build a sand castle.
It didn't keep her from digging though.

I just loved watching Patrick with the kids.
Loved it.
He's an amazing daddy.
I am so very blessed!

Caleb enjoyed fishing on the shore as well...

The kids had such a great time they were wondering when
we're going to rent a boat again!

If only it were that simple and cheap! Ha.

Anyway, I do hope that those of you who are mothers truly enjoy your day today.

Mother's Days are tough for me.
I've never had the chance to celebrate a Mother's Day
with either mom or my gramma as a mother myself, as they both
passed on before Caleb joined our family.
It does make me a bit sad, if I'm being honest.

I'm grateful to my mother-in-law, Barbara,
for raising an amazing son and for being
the amazing mom and mother-in-law she is!
I'm thankful for my sister and sister-in-law, too.

And I'm most especially grateful to two mothers in China
who made the difficult decision to place their children in someone else's care,
until they could come home to their forever family.


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hennymats 5/13/2012  

Glad you got to enjoy this day together as a family. Those photos show a lot of love!

LeiShell 5/13/2012  

Beautiful Photos! Looks like a splendid time! It made me sad that you no longer have your own mother to dote on. Love on your littles today. Happy Mother's Day! You have such a sweet blog!

funks 5/13/2012  

Looks like a wonderful day!

Kim Cunningham 5/13/2012  

What a fun day! I think you know you are a mom when you get enjoyment by watching your children enjoy! I love the sandpiper shot! It's great.

I'm so sorry that your mom is no longer here to see you be a mother.

Meant to tell you that I spent sometime reading your adoption stories a few nights ago, and they were so touching.

Deb 5/13/2012  

Love these, sis! So glad you enjoyed your day away from home. Such sweet memories. Gorgeous photos as always. You know I have a loving jealousy. Love you girl and Happy Mother's Day!

Cheri 5/13/2012  

Oh, Happy Mother's Day! Great pics of your special outing.

Dina Lettre 5/13/2012  

Wow...what an amazing day and beautiful shots!

Stephanie 5/13/2012  

What a fabulous way to spend a day! I can't imagine having the losses you've had to endure in your life. The kind of mother you are is a great testament to the great mothering you had.

inlehmanstermsblog 5/13/2012  

First of all, the photos are gorgeous and your kids are beautiful. I love that I can't see a single other person in the photos... it's like you were visiting an uninhabited island. Second, the end of your post was so touching. Sounds like Mother's Day truly is a day of reflection for you. Thank you for sharing your day and your thoughts with us. Happy Mother's Day!

Christa Rupar 5/13/2012  

Beautiful pictures! And you have beautiful children!

Brenda 5/13/2012  

that looks so fun!!! Great photos, too.

Lori Lee 5/14/2012  

Wow, such gorgeous photos! So vibrant and soft! Loved the little bird!

BumbersBumblings 5/14/2012  

What a beautiful day!! I'm sorry you never had the chance to celebrate mother's day with your mother. Thanks for coming by my blog! Headed to stalk your's now ;)

Amy 5/14/2012  

What a fun day!

lisacng 5/14/2012  

Visiting from Simple as That. Your dumplings are adorable and love your site design!

Elena 5/14/2012  

What a great post! Your hubby had a great idea; sounds fun! You have lots of great captures here!

Sophi Belle 5/14/2012  

Your kids are too cute!!!! <3
... and I adore the bird on the beach pic, fabulous capture!

Beautiful Mornings Photography 5/14/2012  

Hi there! :) Thank you for the sweet words <3 I love all your images!! Love the one of your DD crouching down playing in the sand, and the little bird... you have a gorgeous family <3

michele 5/14/2012  

Happy Mother's Day...glad you had a great day on the boat!
Your a great mom!!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 5/14/2012  

What a fabulous way to spend the day!!!!! I know my kids love being out on the boat.

abrianna 5/14/2012  

Great shtos.

I do understand about the sadness at not being able to share this day with your mom. My mom died before I met my husband so never saw my wedding nor did she get to see my wonderful blessing.

My grandma got to see my wedding, but was too far away to share any other days with me. She also is dead now.


Susan 5/14/2012  


I'm so sorry this day is hard for you. Bless your heart.

I never had grandparents and my mom died when I was in my early twenties.

I know how you feel.

But bless the Lord for those GORGEOUS children of yours.

The pictures are just stunning.

Happy Mother's Day to you♥

michele 5/15/2012  

Great Pictures!
Love to see them in action!!
Love, Auntie Michele

rebecca 5/16/2012  

just beautiful Eva! your photos and your words. Sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day! :) thank you for linking up with the simple things!

Nancy 5/23/2012  

Your hubby is hot! All that romantic, thinking of you stuff... HOT I tell you!
(LOVELY nifty 50 shots!)

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