Memorial Day weekend fun

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We had no big, super gigantic plans for Memorial Day weekend, other than to hang out with family.
My sister and her peeps came into town. That meant a lot of extra lovin' was going round.

I stole alot of kisses from my nephew.

There were a lot of diapers being changed, feedings, and some snuggle time.

The kids did a lot of swimming.

On Day Two we had planned to hit the beach.
But a nasty storm brewing off the coast kept us at home.

Intermittent rain kept us from getting water logged and swimming away the whole afternoon.
The kids were ecstatic, though, when it would finally let up and they could swim again.

When it rained, though, Patrick took the time to put together a new train table for our back porch.
He had a lot of eager, little helpers.

And when not helping, they doted on their baby cousin/brother.

I always love hanging out with my sister.  
We are best friends. We love each other like crazycakes.
If it weren't for the rain, we would've snapped a few more photos of us together.
This was all I managed with my iPhone.

We can't wait to see them all again in a week and a half for Madeline's first dance recital.
Although I wished we lived in the same town, I'm so glad we aren't a plane trip away anymore.

And on the adoption front, I just learned that our home study was forwarded to our placing agency for review last week.  So hopefully in the next week or two, we'll get to submit our I-800A to immigration.
That means I have some serious paperwork to do.  So I better hop to it!


Deb 5/29/2012  

Love these photos... love these memories... love you girl, like crazycakes!!!

Kim Cunningham 5/29/2012  

Looks like a fun MD, even if a bit wet! The kids are adorable. I LOVE M's ruffled swimsuit!

BumbersBumblings 5/30/2012  

beautiful pics as usual :) Love the one of your little girl in just her bathing suit bottom and the one of you and your sis!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 5/30/2012  

LOVE that last one- you guys are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Oh & seeing the kids all drippy out of the pool, I can ALMOST get that feeling of being all cool & refreshed. :)

lisacng 5/30/2012  

I love the look of the little girl in the photo under the "storm brewing" description. She looks so worried ;). Love the jumping photos too! I can't wait til my sister has kids and we can take lots o photos!

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