Sunday Snapshot: A little time for play

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I had so much fun chasing the kids around with my camera yesterday 
that it's hard for me to pick a favorite from the bunch.
But if I have to, I'll say it's this one of Madeline
showing off her glittery chapstick.

Saturday mornings can sometimes be a bit lazy,
if Caleb has the "late game" for baseball that week.
Such was the case yesterday.

Baba went in to work early so he could be back in time for the game.
This meant two precious kiddos were anxiously awaiting his return.

Being a bit melodramatic, they boo hooed a bit.

After some breakfast of croissants and apple juice,
they thought a tickle fight was in order.

We have a galley kitchen, which doubles as a playroom.
This is where the kids do floor puzzles and play "puppy," among other games.

Madeline decided it was time to play prince and princess.
So she grabbed one of her princess dresses 
and applied some glittery chapstick.

Then she started looking for trouble.

No really, she just got bored with my camera.
{Just ignore the clutter on our school table...and the toys spilling out of the closet.}

Eventually Baba came home from work, and he and Caleb scooted off to the game.
Madeline danced around in her princess dress a bit longer, 
and then we joined the boys.

Caleb played a great game.  Three great hits for the little man.
And he did a great job at catcher.

We came home, had lunch, and hung out.
Madeline wanted to draw in her sketch book.

Complete with her princess pen

She's sporting a new top I made her.
Once I make the skirt to go with it, I'll have to convince her to model it.

So as you can see, these photos are bit different than what I normally post.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to work on a few things photographically speaking.
No sooner did I write that, I then added to the list two more items:
1. Capturing daily life.
2. Capturing ME in our daily life.

So today's Sunday Snapshot was my effort at #1.
You'll be seeing some of #2 later in the week.

Be sure to check out Stefanie's blog for some more Sunday Snapshots!

Ni Hao Yall


Deb 5/06/2012  

Awome job at capturing life! That is something I need to do more of too. Fabulous photos! Those glittery lips and gorgeous!

Kelly-Marie 5/06/2012  

Aw so gorgeous x x

Toni 5/06/2012  

As always, great pics! Made me smile at the 'playing puppy' part, because that is a regular game at our house. Either that, or horses!

Ruthie 5/06/2012  

SO precious! Great photos!

Yvette 5/06/2012  

Gorgeous black & white and the pics are a wonderful display of your family life!

Stefanie 5/06/2012  

Me too! Would love to get more 'real' pictures of what our family really looks like on an average day :)
These are lovely!
Happy Sunday :)

Kristi 5/06/2012  

What beautiful children!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 5/06/2012  

Oh I love how you captured the daily life. So beautiful!!!! Great job on the shirt!

Virginia 5/06/2012  

Beautiful shots! She is the most amazing eyes.

Gin =)

Kim Cunningham 5/06/2012  

You captured some great everyday life here. I think sometimes you have to be intentional about that too. I struggle to remember taking those shots . These are great!

Michelle 5/07/2012  

Stunning portraits. They're all fantastic!

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