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Thursday, May 17, 2012

As I mentioned in a previous post,
I am seriously working on seeing life as a photo op.
It has really made me stop and think about all the many moments that pass in a day.
(And how many of those photo ops I miss!)

My two cameras (Nikon D700 and iPhone) follow me everywhere.
Well, almost everywhere, for the D700, that is.

So, how did I Embrace the Camera and see myself as part of a photo op this week?

 Well, Caleb finally got a new "bigger boy" bike since he had outgrown his previous one.
Consequently, it would take a little practice getting used to the new size.
What happened?
He took a spill in the driveway, scraping up his knee and elbow pretty badly.
And Madeline's reaction?
She cried.
So I comforted her.

Now for this shot, if you can believe it, Caleb handheld my D700.
That's a pretty heavy camera for a 7 year old.

A little bit later, the princess begged asked me to paint her piggies.
At the same time Caleb wanted me to watch him play basketball in the front yard.
So what better place to paint piggies than in the back of a minivan parked in the garage?
Right?  Doesn't everyone?

Actually we spend a lot of time this way, sitting in the back of my minivan.
When she's tired of playing and wants to watch her brother instead,
this is where we hang.
Yep. We sure do, usually with an ice cold Gatorade or Vitamin Water in hand.

And now if you think taking photos of Mommy and Madeline together
has gone to Caleb's head, well, it has!
He's now asking when he's going to get his own DSLR!!!
Uh oh!!! lol

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Dina Lettre 5/17/2012  

OMGoodness...she is too sweet, and that shot is amazing. Hope Caleb is proud!

ShanMall 5/17/2012  

Painting nails in the back of moms van....SO SWEET!!!!

Desirae R 5/17/2012  

These two pictures are awesome! I really wish I was in more pictures with my children. These are such beautiful moments you captured.

Traci 5/17/2012  

These are great pictures. That first one took my breath away! 5/17/2012  

So sweet! He's great behind the camera!!!

Danett 5/17/2012  

Precious photos!

CQ| 5/17/2012  

Wow great pictures. Your son has talent.
I take my 2 cameras wherever I go aswell. Lol.

Elena 5/17/2012  

Awww, I love the one of you painting her toes! I love the one of you comforting her too! Great shots! Sweet post!

Nicole 5/17/2012  

Maybe just his own digital camera? I got my kiddos their own cameras when they were about 4 or 5. I just got them one in a price range that I could come to terms with if it got dropped or broken.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 5/17/2012  

Oh these moments you captured are so sweet- LOVE them. You should frame these!!So well done.

We had some similar moments here a few days ago- only I stayed behind the camera.

Ellie 5/17/2012  

Oh you are right - like IS a photo op. Great shots your son took there.

Amber 5/17/2012  

That is so sweet! Love the pics

Katherine 5/17/2012  

aww, wonderful captures.

Susan 5/17/2012  

Great shots...looks like you have come competetion going on!!

lisacng 5/17/2012  

Hope Caleb is ok! Madeleine is so sweet to care for him so much! It's really awesome that Caleb picked up the camera 'cause I have to tell my husband to do so ;). I like the B/W conversion to focus the attention on the emotion of the image. I'm impressed it's in focus! Great job, Caleb! And sitting in the back of a minivan is a great idea. It's so roomy, it's in the shade, and you can still watch what's going on in the driveway

Kim Cunningah 5/17/2012  

So sweet! What great mommy daughter time! I'm so excited for your expodisc! I still haven't played with mine much, as I am having a busy week. Maybe this weekend.

Kim Cunningham 5/17/2012  

Whoops! iPad fail.

Deb 5/17/2012  

Love these pics, sis! You are doing a fantastic job. I have tried giving Leah my camera before. Not a good idea. Caleb is so big and strong. Can't wait to see you guys!

Alexis 5/18/2012  

Love when kids want to be little photographers. I also love the minivan idea!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 5/19/2012  

I had to come back & tell you how happy I am that you used this for the prompt of "mothers". It couldn't be more perfect. Hugs!!

Great Scott 5/19/2012  

i LOVE these photos! and i am beyond impressed that your little one could get a nice, sharp image holding that heavy camera!! and...i'm so jealous you have the D700! i love my D300s but am dreaming of full frame in the future. Lovely photos! Would be honored if you'd link them up with my self portrait club too! xoxo

...melody... 5/19/2012  

These are wonderful shots of you and your little girl. Absolutely beautiful! :)

deb duty 5/21/2012  

He's doing a great job and I love that you are in some pictures! That's so funny that you sit in the back of your van because I do the exact same thing when my son wants me to watch him play basketball on the driveway!

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