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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Before I get to the photos, I first have to share some difficult news.
My sister's friend, Gina, has been admitted to the hospital following complications from her last chemo treatment.  
The news is not good. The cancer has now spread to her brain.
Honestly at this point, not much else can be done.  It's only a matter of time and not much at that.
Please pray for her and her family as they enter this difficult phase in their lives.

I have done my best to keep my emotions at bay in front of my kids.  But yesterday I lost it.  As I sat sobbing with my head in my hands, Madeline came up to me and kissed my hands and told me, "Don't worry mommy. Gina going be in heaven, alright?" I nodded my head in agreement.  Bless her little heart.

So before this devastating news, we spent a little bit of the morning doing some surf fishing as the surf was calm.  
Caleb was quite the fisherman, catching 3 fish pretty quickly.

The kids had the most fun looking for shells, chasing the waves and being chased by them too.  I loved capturing the joy on their faces. It warmed my heart.  It was a beautiful morning.  One that I will never forget.

{She was funny making sure she still had all her loot shells.}

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I took photos at the beach.  The last beach photos I shared were ones my sister had taken.  It's pathetic to think that Madeline will be home two years this summer, we live a half mile from the beach, and this is probably the first time I have taken photos of her at it. Yep.  Pathetic.

One of the things I have been reminded of as Gina has struggled to overcome cancer is that every day needs to be cherished.  We are never guaranteed tomorrow.  Even if it's just an ordinary day.  I need to stop and find the beauty in the ordinary and mudane things: my kids "April fools" jokes, taking them potty, getting them ready for bed, pushing daddy in the swimming pool. Smile, laugh and enjoy those special, simple moments. Life is not only about celebrating the big moments.  It's more about celebrating the simple things.

I'm on a mission to capture those ordinary moments with my camera.  I'm also on a mission to leave proof that I walked this journey of life with them.  So I'm in front of my lens, even on bad hair days or sans make-up.  They won't care what I looked like in those photos 20-30 years from now.  They're just going to care that they have them- memories captured of us living life together.

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Ni Hao Yall   


lisacng 6/03/2012  

Prayers and well wishes for your sisters friend! Gorgeous photos at the beach! The clouds were prett and water so clear! Great angles and composition. I lobs the one of Madeleine checkin her loot ;) I am also trying to be in photos more!

Deb 6/03/2012  

Your words are so true, dear sister. My throat has been tight most of the day just thinking about Gina. Our kids will cherish the photos and memories of us with them, no matter what we are doing.

I love your photos! The composition, their smiles and joy. Love seeing your precious moments.

Teri 6/03/2012  

Praying for your sisters friend as my heart aches for her and those that love her. A very beautiful post and I will think of this as I try to include more of me in my photography. God Bless Teri

Cheri 6/03/2012  

Can I come live with you? It looks so beautiful.

Thanks for the update on Gina and the reminder of why every single day needs to be cherished.

Diane 6/03/2012  

So sorry to hear the sad news on Gina. I know how hard it is...changes your perspective on everything! LOVE the photo's of the kids at the beach and surf fishing. We LOVE to surf fish, it is soooo much fun! Eva, you take such amazing photo's....i know you will have a wonderful time with Lisa and the others in her photography class. It is a wonderful experience:)
Have a great week!
God Bless,

Mom2Six 6/04/2012  

Loving' the photos!

So sorry that Gina's time is so short. (((hugs)))

BumbersBumblings 6/04/2012  

beautiful pictures, as usual!! I'm so sorry about Gina! Just said a prayer for her.

Skeller 6/05/2012  

So very sorry to hear about Gina's heartbreaking news. I will pray that God richly blesses her family/friends in these last days, allows them to fill each other with enough love to last a lifetime, and gives them peace that transcends all understanding ...

on a much happier note ... these pictures of yours are magical. precious. full of delight and whimsy and togetherness. yes, indeed, the "mundane" & "ordinary" are beautiful and worth celebrating.

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 6/05/2012  

These are fantastic!!!!!! I have never fished in the ocean before. That is so cool.

Kim Cunningham 6/05/2012  

I love these! The fishing shots are really fantastic! We are going to the beach next week and I'm excited to try a shoot there with my kids. Your shots are great examples of ideas.

living out His love 6/05/2012  

Beautiful images of a really fun time Eva!

Stefanie 6/06/2012  

Beautifully said. So sorry to hear about your sister's friend - I imagine this is an incredibly difficult time for your family.
P.S. That Madeline is a wise little girl.

michele 6/10/2012  

Caleb, your a great fisherman!
We love you!

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