It started out a typical day

Friday, June 15, 2012

The day started out like any other.
A lot of play, which included some drawing.

Then we had to make a quick trip to the post office.
She is so cute steadying herself with her arm in the air.
Then she got a bit distracted by her Gator bear.  Yes, she was trying to put a doll dress on him to get him ready for the post office.  Seriously, the dress is about three times the size of the bear. 

And yes, he did go inside the post office with us...and also got a sticker.  After lunch, we typically swim in the pool.  Recently we purchased Caleb some flippers to scoot around in the water with.  Well, Madeline insisted she needed a pair too.  So her pair arrived in the mail yesterday, and she promptly got in the box...nekked.  She's a hoot.
The lighting was horrible in the kitchen, but I was afraid to ask her to move because I already heard the box starting to split.  
After swimming quite a bit and playing some more, it was time for dinner.
I made the kids chicken nuggets and onion rings.  Well, wouldn't you know that when Caleb used his teeth to open the ketchup container, his tooth fell out!
I knew it was loose and would fall out any day.  I guess he decided that that day was yesterday....exactly two months to the day that his first tooth fell out.  Funny little tidbit.

Anyway, lately I have been insisting that the kids spend at least 20 seconds at the sink when they're washing their hands.  And to help ensure that 20 seconds remains 20 seconds and doesn't morph into 3, I told Caleb that I wanted him to count, "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi" and so forth.  Well, last night, as he was washing up before dinner, I heard him counting, but it didn't sound quite right.  So I walked closer to the bathroom, and this is what I heard, "15 Wisconsin, 16 Wisconsin, 17 Wisconsin" etc...well, when you can't remember what state your mommy told you to say, then just pick another one!

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Have a great weekend, and enjoy some special time with all those wonderful men in your life!

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Cheri 6/15/2012  

How funny! I guess he picked Wisconsin because it has many syllables? Sounded good. Maybe he started something new.

lisacng 6/15/2012  

I have no idea what you're talking about bad light in the kitchen! The 1st one is gorgeous with Madeline's face in-focus but the rest blurred. Which is good considering the nekkedness -- I'm always weary of who may be looking at kid's photos online. Ugh. Glad Caleb only lost a tooth that was ready to go, and not an important tooth. That might have been a painful trip to the dentist. And how cute is he to count with "Wisconsin"! Even I don't wash my hands for 20 sec. Thanks for the reminder! The Happy Birthday song should work.

Life with Kaishon 6/15/2012  

Oh my goodness! SO cool about the tooth falling out via the ketchup bottle! That is crazy! : ) He looks adorable. I love that kids play with boxes. I always put that very thing on the list of summer activities : ) Box play!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography 6/15/2012  

The box- that is too cute!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Diane 6/15/2012  

Madeline is amazing....she is unstoppable:) Congratualtions Caleb for losing your second tooth! Shhhhh, we won't tell Kristy...she sooooooo wants to loose her first tooth! She is almost 7 and we are still waiting:(
Have a wonderful weekend1
God Bless,

Deb 6/15/2012  

That girl is a hoot!!!! Love those box pictures! And I was so excited to hear Caleb on the phone when he told me that he lost another tooth. He is growing up so fast!

Cropped Stories 6/15/2012  

Great post; too funny! I'm laughing at the 1-Wisconsin! That's a riot! Love all of these pics!

Sharon 6/16/2012  

Such an adorable post! Big smile!

Teri 6/16/2012  

What a funny day!! Kids they make life fun!!!:)

Natalie 6/18/2012  

Your pictures are fantastic! How do you get your colors so crisp and beautiful? I'm jealous!

Stephanie 6/19/2012  

Ooo, that tooth!
My girls try to put huge clothes on their babies and stuffed animals, too. How funny that he substituted a different state. I love it!

Kim Cunningham 6/19/2012  

I love coming to see these sweet kids via your blog. Love the kimono style shirt on M! And oh boy what a way for a tooth to come out! :)

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